First Steps

Possession Date

I’ve been a little distracted lately – we got possession of our house on Tuesday so we’ve been hard at work cleaning the house and moving a few boxes in, staying up late painting and waking up early to head to work. We also just got internet last night so it was a big day for us.

We got the call at about 2pm that the keys were ready for pickup. When we went to our lawyer a few days before possession date, the lawyer informed us that the sellers have until 6pm the day of possession to be in the house. I had no idea this ‘policy’ existed. I’ve never read it anywhere and when I tried to look it up the next day I couldn’t find it anywhere online. I’m not sure exactly how common it is but my real estate agent knew about this as well. This definitely took me off guard.

We had hopes of getting the keys early and running into our new home and getting a head start on all the work we had planned, but now I was very hesitant and had a million questions. What if we went there and they were there? Can we stay? Do we have to leave? The locksmith closes at 5pm, how do we get the locks changed if they have until 6pm? What if they aren’t there when we get there at 2pm but then they show up at 4pm, do we have to leave? Although I didn’t get all my questions answered,  I was told that the seller is usually gone before this time. When we got the key to our home and headed over, there was no one there so we could claim it as ours right away. It was very exciting!

I plan to share a little more information on what to do when you get your home for the first day, but for now I just wanted to send a quick update as to what has been going on. I took some before and after pictures which I plan to post in the near future to show all the changes we’ve made to make this house our home!

Let’s continue this journey to the dreaded conversation of closing costs!

Until then, Briana


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