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Carpet your Basement Stairs

Hey everyone 🙂

So my basement is unfinished. Which is exciting because we can make the space work for exactly what we need – but it’s also cold and ugly. I have to keep the door open because my cats litter is in the basement, and I want to change the solid door to a french door.

HOWEVER, I don’t want to keep the door open, or have a nice glass door showing off the cold, unfinished basement. Here’s what they look like from the basement. Worn out, cracked, painted stairs. The landing at the top is noticeably particle board, again painted.


SO – since we pulled out the carpet in our bedroom, we had lots of left over carpet that I decided would be great to use for the basement! This way, when the door is open, it looks like you are walking down into a finished basement. Brilliant, I know.

I am no professional carpet installer, and in one of the open houses we were at, we saw that someone had carpeted just the top of each stair. Like a carpet cap I like to call it.

I measured each stair, one by one, and cut out pieces that would snuggly fit. And here is how it turned out!

IMG_20150520_215107 IMG_20150520_215056

I still need to paint the railings, but how good does it look! My favourite is the view from the very top. I put a lamp shade over top of the light bulb that leads down into the basement to look even more like a finished basement.

IMG_20150520_215247 IMG_20150520_215527

It was super easy to do, I just needed a utility knife, measuring tape, marker and a medium duty stapler. I chose not to put any glue or underlay under the stairs because there isn’t that much surface area, and it turned out fine.

I needed to take off the baseboards for the platform but it was super simple after doing it for all my bedrooms. It took me maybe 4 hours to do the whole thing – just because of all the cutting and measuring.

Also – we had a jute back carpet – so I realized after all the struggles of cutting the carpet with a knife that I could just use a strong pair of scissors – which worked out WAY easier – except for giving me a hand cramp. But it was worth it!

Now we can easily put up a glass door and we don’t need to be embarrassed about the unfinished stairs. And it is much nicer on our feet going down the stairs now. This DIY was a definite success.

Here’s the before and after 🙂

IMG_20150224_155130 IMG_20150520_215107

Thanks for stopping by!



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