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Master Bedroom Renovation

Good morning!

I will admit right away that this post is going to be full of photos – I’ve been taking so many pictures since we bought our house and I clearly want to share them all. When we bought our house, one of the great things about it was it was move in ready. However, there were a few things that HAD to go  – such as the carpet in the bedrooms.

So here is the photo story of our master bedroom being updated from super drab to our little oasis.

Let’s start with what the room originally looked like. The people before us seriously wasted the space that the master offered, and it was such a depressing looking room.

IMG_20150224_162019 IMG_20150224_162008

I’m not sure why anyone would paint the walls to match the carpet.. it is such a BLAH room. And the room is big. It’s hard to tell in these pictures but there is a huge open space between the end of their bed and the dresser that was not being utilized.

So, once we moved in I took down the curtains and started prepping the room to be painted. I decided to highlight certain parts of the room to show you how they painted over parts of the wall – with a different shade – everywhere. And I also highlighted the outlet.. because it’s crooked. There is no way we could live in that room without painting.

IMG_20150409_1840012 IMG_20150409_184009We also ripped out the carpet that we are pretty sure is original from when the house was built (1993). Bye bye gross old carpet – who knows where you have been. It was quite the process taking off the baseboards and ripping out the carpet. Thankfully I had practice from doing the spare bedroom first.


And then the fun and painting could begin! I’ve been moving quite a bit since I graduated from university – but each house I’ve always painted my room light blue because I find it to be a very peaceful colour. This time, we chose a colour from a chip and didn’t use the exact colour of my last room – and it turned out to be way more blue than we bargained for. BUT, I actually really like it now. It really makes the room more bright and happy.


Next, it was time to get the laminate it. I think the hardest part about doing laminate is having the room ready to go with installation, but then having to wait 48 hours for the laminate to acclimatize to the house.


But! Patience is a virtue – or so they say. And we had more than enough stuff to do around the rest of the house to keep us busy until we could get the floor started. We chose a light colour because the theme of the room is “cottage-y, seaside – esque” – you like that? We had quite a few battles – we had to get down that hallway and work back in to the closet which isn’t a perfect square. IMG_20150422_200121 IMG_20150422_200026But we progressed! And I love how it looks.

Another problem with laminate is having to calculate how many boxes you will need. We know the square footage of each box, and we know the square footage of the room – but it’s difficult to calculate how much board you will lose from cutting pieces – or just general mistakes (since we are new to this and all). SO – in the end, we spent 3 days laying the laminate and were so excited to finally get it done – until we realized we were one ROW short.IMG_20150422_223730When you think you’re about to cross the finish line – and then you realize you can’t. From everyone we told this to, apparently it is a very common thing for people to end up being one box short. So we fit right in lol.


But we got the last box and voila! The finished product.

And then we were finally able to move our furniture in and put the baseboards back up. I’m pretty sure it took us a month to get the baseboards back on. We made sure to take them off without breaking them so we could do this. So what we did was used wood filler and filled in the holes created from the original nails, painted the baseboard white and then put them back up again. It turned out great and saved us some money.

So finally, after all of the photos – here it is! (in more photos) Ta daaaaa! Pardon the blurriness and slight distortion.. I was walking while taking the picture.


And finally – some photos for comparison. Because we all love those

IMG_20150224_162019 IMG_20150601_214351

IMG_20150224_162008 IMG_20150601_214400

There are a few furniture changes we will make in the near future (like refacing the dresser – which will be a post in the future) – but for now its our cozy oasis.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂



3 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Renovation

  1. I am so glad you stopped by my blog and i implemented the changes with your helpful observation. so thank you.
    Wow! nice. this looks beautiful and way more homey than it first did.
    Did you do the everything yourself? and was it exoensive and difficult?
    all in all great job. I’m glad its turning into a home for you


  2. Beautiful master room makeover~ The shade of blue makes everything seems cosy and calm, I have a room with similar hue too.

    We did a master room renovation more than half a year ago, however we used wallpaper instead of painting. You may check it out here:

    I share your excitement about getting a new house and the journey of creating it into a home uniquely you because I am happy doing the same thing too ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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