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My Favourite Online Yoga Tool

Happy Monday!

This weekend I signed up to do an Amazing Race in my downtown area as I thought it was a great way to get exercise that isn’t part of my usual routine. I wore my Nike gps running watch so I could see how long of a run we went on – we ended up going 13.5km! It was definitely quite the physical challenge. On top of it, we’ve had the hottest weekend of the summer – 40 degrees with the humidity (104 degrees F). I made sure to bring a backpack with the essentials (1.5L water bottle, sun screen, snacks) to keep my energy up and to avoid heat stroke.

On Sunday I was feeling it in my muscles so I did some yoga online, a gentle stretch and twist to help relieve my muscles. Yoga plays an important role in my life to help me become more flexible, relax and stretch. I wanted to share this website with everyone who is looking to get into yoga, or continue their yoga practice but can’t afford to have an annual membership ($1000/year around here!!).

This website is fantastic – There are so many different videos on there with different practice lengths for all abilities. You can do a yoga practice that is only 15-20 min as an after run stretch, or you can find classes over an hour long. There are all types of practice, from hatha to restorative to kundalini. As well, there are classes targeted directly for seniors, which makes it a very versatile website. Personally, my favourite instructor is Fiji McAlpine, but if you are a beginner you will find that she is a little more intermediate (to advanced). There is a video there for everyone and they do an amazing job of talking you through the moves, regardless of your ability.

On Sunday evening I chose a video called Bend and Stretch which did an amazing job of helping work through my muscle tightness. I definitely felt revitalized.


Where do you practice yoga? Do you have any online tools that you find beneficial? Let me know in the comments! And if you try out the website let me know if you find any favourite videos or instructors 🙂


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