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My First Naturopath Appointment – A Review

Yesterday evening I went to a naturopath for the first time. I was never big on alternative medicine, but since I started learning more about nutrition I’ve become a lot more open to the idea. After my horrible doctor appointment last week, I decided that enough was enough, and it was time to visit someone that I knew actually cared about my health.

In my mind, even if healthcare is free, it doesn’t matter if there is no care for health. I am completely willing to pay to see a doctor if it means I will get the answers, results, compassion and understanding that I deserve.


My first appointment did not disappoint. The initial consult was one hour long, which was significantly longer than my initial appointment when I got my family doctor 2.5 years ago. I knew right away it was going to be so much better. I could really relate to the ND. She asked me a ton of questions, explained to me why she was asking the questions, and explained her overall approach. She listened to everything I had to say, regardless if it was relevant or not. As we went along she explained what she thought might be going on with my body and what we could start doing now to help me feel better.

I originally went in with the intention to get a food sensitivity test. My plan was to get the test done, go back quickly for results and leave. However, after the meeting, I feel excited and positive that she will be able to help me change my health for the better. I came out of the appointment thinking that there is a chance that my hypothyroidism can be managed to the point that I can go into “remission”. Imagine that! What a difference compared to the angry feeling I got leaving my MD.

I am glad that I went to the MD though for the fact that a lot of blood tests are covered under OHIP. If you get the blood work done through the Naturopath you will have to pay out of pocket. So for all Canadians out there, it is better to go to the doctor for that. Now my plan is to get my results from the MD, make her print them off and then sayonara!

Her first prescription was for me to start eating more protein, some carbs, leafy greens and a good quality fat for breakfast. What a huge difference in “prescriptions”!! She also prescribed me with an enzyme and multi-vitamin that will help bring my digestion and body back into balance and I’m excited to get them. One of the best parts – they deliver! That’s my kind of pharmacy haha!

This morning I came downstairs from my morning workout to see my boyfriend making the most delicious smelling spinach omelette with toast. It was the nicest thing to come down to and I truly appreciate his efforts to help with my health. It was extremely thoughtful and the best “doctors orders” ever!

I am so happy I made the decision to go to the naturopath and I plan to document my next visit in September to let you know how it went. I highly recommend you book an appointment with a naturopath! Especially if you are fed up with your family doctor or endocrinologist.

Have you ever visited a Naturopath? How were your results? If you haven’t, are you open to the idea? Why or why not?


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