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The Problem with Western Medicine

Clearly there is an issue with Western medicine. If the medical and pharmaceutical world were actually successful, why are there always so many people in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. What are they they for? How many times in a year are they sitting in that same chair, for the same visit? If medicine was actually doing its job, shouldn’t the waiting rooms all be empty?

doctor-563428_640I was at the doctor’s today. Not because I wanted to be there, but because it’s the only way I can get free blood test results through OHIP. If it were up to me, I’d be at a Naturopath’s office getting my results. I wanted to get my thyroid tested as a baseline for all the dietary changes I’m making. I’ve started to go gluten free and I am becoming more and more conscious of the food that I put into my body.

So today I got my blood test results back. I was so excited to see what they said yet so not excited to see my doctor after my last visit where she laughed through my entire appointment.

First things first – my appointment was at 3:45pm but I sat and waited for 30 minutes before she even came into the room. 3:45 because they make appointments in 15 minute increments. Because that’s all the time you deserve for your health, according to Western medicine. My health is what keeps me here .. without it I would be dead. But yet I’m only allotted 15 minutes? And when people need further help it pushes all of the appointments and there I am, waiting 30 minutes longer for my appointment.

My family doctor finally arrives and as always I can tell she has no idea who I am. Even though she’s been my doctor for over 2 years. Which I guess is a good thing because I really don’t wish to be a regular at the doctors. I let her know I was there to see my blood results and have them printed off to take home.

She takes a look at my test results and asks “Do you have a thyroid problem??” ….. what do you mean ‘Do I have a thyroid problem’?! uhhh… YES. Did you forget you’re my doctor? Did you forget to read the chart before you came in? How are you supposed to be interested in making me healthy if you don’t even know who I am or why I’m here?? It literally made my heart jump. I was confused for a minute that she was looking at my results and asking that – like I’d been misdiagnosed. Nope! It’s just a Western Doctor who could care less about the patient and only about the prescription.

I proceeded to let her know that yes I have a thyroid problem, I am just here to get tests done and see my results. That seemed to jog her memory. She responds with “oh yea, you’re reading a book“. Yes I am. I’m taking control of my own health because you don’t seem to care.

When I left the clinic today I felt like a kid leaving a candy store with a big bag of candy. I could not wait to get home and analyze my results!

Firstly, I realized it is difficult to compare my results to that of the thyroid book I’m reading because the measurements are different. I guess American blood results come in different measurements than Canadian. I can’t find anywhere online that converts the numbers so that I can see how I measure up. If someone knows how to do this – can you either leave me a comment or make a wonderful, useful guide to put online? Thanks.

Secondly, I can now say, without a doubt, that I have Hashimoto’s disease. I got my antibodies tested and they confirm the diagnosis. Strangely, it makes me really excited to confirm something that I only had an idea about. It means I seriously need to be gluten free. I didn’t go gluten free ‘just in case’, I’m doing it because I have to.

These results are the first big step toward getting healthy and it’s extremely exciting. I also have a baseline for my blood tests so that I can see any future progress. I will be heading to the Naturopath next week with these results, as well as my food sensitivity test, and I will be leaps and bounds ahead of where I was just a month ago.

The future is bright and I am excited to see where my journey takes me. To all those just starting, good luck and it’s just going to keep getting better! For all those that have been here before – any advice, tips or encouragement is always welcome.

Much love!


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