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Food Sensitivities – Getting Tested Changed My Life

I havent posted in forever.

I’m insanely busy going to school three nights a week with case studies and quizzes due every week. Plus my new job has so much work that needs to get done I could probably be there 10 hours a day and still not keep up. Oh, also my laptop keyboard is broken so I am writing on a tablet keyboard, which is the size best meant for 5 year olds and I have unusually large fingers. Thus, it is taking a lot of skill to be coherent writing this.

Today while I was driving to class I was inspired to write a post. A couple months ago every time I ate I had to roll my pants down because there was so much pressure on my poor bloated belly. And today while I was driving to class I was thinking about how my compression yoga pants actually weren’t bothering me one bit and I was so excited about this. But really, should I be excited that my pants dont hurt me? Isnt it a good thing I dont feel the need to wear sweatpants all day every day? I quite often buy pants or choose to wear pants that dont put pressure on my stomach which is a ridiculous criteria for pant buying.

In reality the reason that I felt so good today is because of the food sensitivity test I did in August. Now whenever I go in to a public washroom and there are people spending many long minutes huddled in the stall, or I am assaulted by an awful smell I think about how these people REALLY need to go get this test. As much as people hate talking about poop, and especially women, you have to learn about it! If you struggle on the toilet every morning, you have a digestive issue. If you have hard poop, you have a digestive problem. If your toilet looks like it got used by a deer, you have a digestive problem. If it looks more like youre a bear, you have a digestive problem. Heres how your bathroom break should go.

You wake up in the morning, you walk into the bathroom, you sit on the toilet and within seconds youve done your morning business. It should flow right away. It should be solid, all attached together, but so loosely held, the moment you flush it breaks into a billion little pieces. Whole time sitting there: a minute or so. Does this reflect your current experience? I feel like most of you are saying no, or even hell no. So now you know you have a digestive problem. Oh, and if it stinks, you have a digestive issue. 🙂

Although it takes some will power to cut out those foods that show up on your test, it is so worth it. By taking this test and cutting out those few foods that are my issue, I never get bloated (or veeery rarely), I never burp, I dont have flatulence and I dont have to run to the bathroom. I have no discomfort. This is how youre supposed to be. This isnt a fantasy, this is completely possible.

I feel so strongly that everyone should go get this test done. You would be surprised at what is really bothering you. I want everyone to go out and do this because it will change your day, it will change your perspective on food, and it will change how you buy clothes! You wont feel bloated after you eat, if you get headaches they will likely lessen in intesity or frequency, you wont need to put on your sweatpants, or lay down because your suddenly tired. Youll have more energy in the afternoon, youll laugh more and youll be able to keep going after every meal. It will provide you with the positive energy that food is meant to provide.

Since September I’ve cut out dairy, eggs, wheat, almonds and meat (for environmental purposes only) and youre probably thinking “well what do you even eat?!”. Let me tell you, I love cooking now. I never really cared for it but I truly enjoy being in the kitchen. The food we eat now is significantly healthier, and insanely tastier. Thats the truth. We eat beans and rice with sweet potatoes, tacos, pizza thats better than store bought, cauliflour “wings”, thai curry.. the flavours are so much better than the old options like; chicken and rice, chicken and brocolli, grilled cheese. See what Im saying? Sure its a little more work but your assortment broadens, your nutrients multiply and youll feel emotionally and physically better.

Alright, did I sell you on the idea yet? Maybe, maybe not, but hopefully the seed is planted. If you have benefits than its free, and even if you dont, a bit of money now completely pays off in the long run. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Go book a naturopath appointment today. I did the Rocky Mountain Analytics test so ask for that. Go get the blood test done (has to be done in the morning since they ship it out) and get your results and feel the difference. Itll be life changing, guaranteed.. or you dont have to take my word for it ever again. 🙂 !

Oh and here are my results so you can see some of the foods they test and what the results look like. Anything above 0 is bad.

As a side note, duck egg showed up because its so similar to chicken eggs. And eggs make me feel like I have a hangover, so thats an example of food in the yellow/orange area and the effect it can have on you.


Let me know if youve ever had this done or if you do end up getting it done let me know the results! Id love to hear your experience cutting out trigger foods and how it changed you!


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