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In Need of..

When I originally started writing this blog I planned on titling it “In need of some motivation”. However, by the time I finished writing this post I realized just how disjointed my thoughts are tonight. It’s crazy busy at work, and I have a lot going on outside of work hours too. My brain seems to be running a million miles a minute but with no connection between each thought. Therefore, the following blog may have a bit of a flow issue and come off a lot more like my brain threw up all over the page so, welcome to my crazy mind. This is what led me to my current title – because tonight, I’m not so sure what I’m in need of other than some R&R. Enjoy!


Last week I was feeling really lost. Actually, since the new year I’ve been feeling pretty lost. But last week especially I had a lot on my mind so I took to my blog to unload. It was seriously such a great idea. It helped clear my mind of so many things.

I’ve been looking for some kind of inspiration to get me excited about my future again. I spoke with a past graduate at school last week about what it was like graduating and what she is doing now. I asked her what she mainly does and she mentioned a few things to be that really helped her get off the ground. She had some really great ideas that inspired me and my future plans! I’ve accumulated a list of three goals that I want to achieve. One is short term that I will be working on in the next couple of weeks while the other two will definitely be long term. But the idea of what I plan to create is quite exciting!

The only real problem now is …. I need some motivation. Having an idea is great! But being able to kick my ass into gear – not going so well.

It’s surprising how easy it is to have a great idea and yet so hard to get started. I almost feel like there’s so much to do that I don’t know where to start. I definitely need to work on setting some goals and timelines.

Not to mention, life gets in the way so easily. I wake up, I get ready for work, I work, I come home and I get ready for work tomorrow. However! Some days I switch it up. I wake up, I get ready for work, I work, go to school, come home and get ready for work tomorrow. It’s quite exciting! 😉

Luckily for me, time management has always been a strong point of mine because I don’t know how to stop. Having a million things on the go requires great time management skills in order to get everything done and not neglect commitments. I think I get this from my father. He is involved with so many things it would make your head spin. My sister is the same way too. We can’t seem to get enough of work, school or volunteering. We seem to thrive on being busy. But sometimes I just get so busy I lose sight of the day, or my goals or what I had planned on getting accomplished. We always hope to gain more time in our day. “Maybe if I sleep a little less than I have that much more time to get things done” – Riggghhht.

I think that I don’t get much accomplished some times because my mind is so focused on what’s next in the short term that I don’t focus on what’s next in the long term, or what’s next in order to accomplish my goals or future dreams.

And this is my true problem. I have a great idea. I’m inspired. But finding the time to start working on a major project – or stopping my brain for 10, 20 or 60 minutes to sit down and really hash out the plan is proving to be quite difficult.


So perhaps at the moment I am in need of some focus and organization on top of motivation. I’m definitely in need of learning to be in the present moment and slowing down. There is truly so much time in the day I just need to reorganize and prioritize in order to continue to work towards these goals that I find so inspiring.

I had so much fun making the 7 Day Vegan Challenge. Since starting this journey I’ve discovered how much I love to cook and I am definitely going to work off that strength. Cooking is so much fun and is becoming a love of mine versus the chore it used to be. The idea of spending an hour in the kitchen before sounded like torture and now I could spend my entire day creating delicious meals. Cooking inspires me and I plan on making another recipe booklet in the near future to share with you. It’s going to be another compilation of recipes you would likely not think of making, that will change the assortment you eat in the day and add those nutrients you are likely missing! Stay tuned.

Until next time.



2 thoughts on “In Need of..

  1. Thank you for sharing so honestly. I think hitting a wall in blogging comes to all of us. Every body is different, for me I will often have several unpublished posts in unfinished “draft form”, and I’ll go to look them over about once a week. The odd one never does get published, but usually I will add a little bit here and there, and there will be one day where the inspiration and motivation comes and it will be finished.
    Keep going, you’re doing great! 🙂


  2. Motivation and Inspiration are like the fuel for a writer to create something spectacular. I can relate to this post in so many ways. An Awesome post ,food for the though… All the best

    Liked by 1 person

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