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Want to reduce your meat consumption? Let me help you

I’m sure you’ve heard by now – from me, or somewhere on the internet – the atrocities of factory farms or eating meat. And there has been a lot of media around the movie Cowspiracy that’s playing on Netflix and how harmful eating meat is on the environment.

I’m a realist. Even though I know that the world going vegan would do some serious help to slow down climate change, I know that the odds of that happening are slim. However, I do know that lots of people would be willing to reduce their meat consumption. 1. It’s really great on your health (slows down the consumption of antibiotics, growth hormones, and harmful fats), 2. it’s really great for the animals to not have to be raised, in many cases, in some pretty nasty places and 3. it’s great for the environment!


So you’ve decided that you don’t want to eat as much meat but you don’t know what to eat instead or where to start. That is where I come in. Let me help you! I’ve been on a journey for months now transitioning all of my favourite meals into meatless, dairy-less, egg-less, gluten free wonders! And let me tell you, I’ve been quite successful and I’m having so much fun in the process.

Nothing beats having a craving for something and then being able to successfully change it into a meatless dish.

For example, tonight I am making butter chicken. But instead of the butter I’ve subbed cashews, and instead of the chicken I’ve subbed chickpeas. It’s literally one of the best recipes I’ve tried. And it only takes around 30 minutes (Win!)

I’ve compiled a list of recipes that I love to make and I’ve printed it off and use it as a cookbook in my kitchen and I have many more saved elsewhere. I’ve learned how to make things like: lasagna, ricotta cheese, chip dip, a pasta/taco meat alternative, cheesecake, mayo (hello macaroni or egg salad!)

All of these are meat free and easy to make.

So if you’d like to try a few days a week meat free and you need some guidance on where to start than let me know! Or if you want some good recipes check out my link above or send me a message and I can share some of my favourite recipes. Or if you want to try and making something new I can help you find a good recipe.

I’d love to help make the world a better place and make the food on your plate delicious and environmentally friendly!

Happy cooking 🙂


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